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17 April 1975
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Well, I'm a 39 year old single working-mom of two. My son is 20, his sister is almost 16. Since I can remember I've loved to read pretty much everything I could get my fingers on. I enjoy watching TV-Shows. I started out with Beverly Hills and Melrose Place and since then I've fallen in love with a lot of shows. Some of them I still like to watch, some of them I'm pretty embaressed of.

A few years ago I stumbled upon qaf in german TV late at night after watching a Lost rerun. I was hooked from the very beginning. I started watching somewhere near the end of season one, bought it on DVD and rewatched it from the start.

I fell pretty hard for Brian and Justin, but especially for Justin, I seem to have a thing for blond, blue-eyed gay guys. About six months later, after watching the entire season one and two not only on German but in English too(which I was pretty bad in at school!) I discovered fanfiction.

A while ago the last episode of qaf aired on German TV. Beeing able to read fanfiction saved me from serious withdrawl symptoms. I still love to read more and more stories about them. Thankfully I'm a pretty fast reader, or I couldn't catch up with all the fics I want to read. In the beginning reading stories written in english was pretty hard for me, but to me there is no alternative, because the stories are so much better than most of their german pendants.

So yeah, I'm addicted to TV-Shows, qaf especially and reading in general, so what better place to be than here.

Since my discovery of fanfiction it has been a dew years now, and while I still read Qaf fanfiction from time to time I have read tons of other stuff in the mean time. Torchwood, Harry Potter, Glee, American idol etc. Mostly if an actor grabs my fancy in one of the shows I watch, I take a good look at the fanfic thats out there.
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